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best mortgage broker in Burlington and OakvilleAre you looking to break into the real estate market in Burlington or Oakville as a new homeowner or investor? If so, you probably have questions about the many lending options and mortgage products available to you. Getting a mortgage can be a confusing and frustrating process. Shopping around takes an enormous amount of time just to complete the applications for each and every lender. Compound that with the fact that mortgages are complicated legal agreements with lots of fine print. Overlook one small detail and it could end up costing you a lot of money in the long-run. HW Advantage is an experienced mortgage broker in Burlington and Oakville that can help you find the right mortgage with the rates. HW Advantage does the shopping for you, walks you through the details, and can negotiate the most competitive mortgage rates Burlington and Oakville lenders have to offer.

Learn From the Best Mortgage Broker in Burlington and Oakville

If you’ve landed here, you are already researching the mortgage rates, brokers and even whether you need a broker at all. After all, can someone else care as much about your money and financial well-being as you do? In Burlington and Oakville, HW Advantage mortgage professionals take great care and pride in finding you the perfect mortgage solution, with some of the lowest mortgage rates in Oakville and Burlington. Browse through our collection of educational articles on topics ranging from tips for completing your mortgage application to relevant government regulations and how they could affect you. A great mortgage broker provides value not only by doing the heavy lifting to get you the best deal but in the education and support that they offer after the papers are signed.

Customer Care is Important to Us

The success of our clients is important to us as our business is mainly referral-based. The proof of the HW Advantage is in the testimonials on our Facebook page. What sets us apart from any other mortgage broker in Oakville and Burlington is the fact that we continue to support you long after the deal is done. We offer credit counselling, advice on what to do when life happens and can answer any of your questions along the way. These are the things that keep people coming back to us and referring their friends and relatives to HW Advantage.

Renewing or Renegotiating a Mortgage with the Best Mortgage Broker in Burlington and Oakville

Are you renewing a mortgage or even looking for a 2nd mortgage? Maybe it’s time to renegotiate because your circumstances have changed or due to changes in the market since you entered into your last mortgage arrangement. Use the HW Advantage to find the best mortgage rates Oakville and Burlington financial institutions are offering and keep the process simple. Renegotiating can be a minefield of fees and penalties. The mortgage professionals at HW Advantage want to be the best mortgage broker in Oakville and Burlington, ensuring that you get the best deal possible, setting you up to pay back your debt quickly while saving interest.

Traditional vs Private Lending

Financial institutions offer a wide array of mortgage products, with different features to make them easier to get approved, or faster to pay down. But ultimately the banks are in it for the money, and often have restrictive rules and policies that govern who qualifies. Private lending options may be available that offer the additional flexibility that you need. HW Advantage can help assess the best options for you, and determine whether private or institutional lending will benefit you most.

You have found the best mortgage broker in Burlington and Oakville at HW Advantage! We can be reached at 905-541-6961 or by filling out our contact form.

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