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Best Mortgage Rates for Self-Employed – Discover the HW Advantage

Best mortgage rates for self-employed

At HW Advantage we work hard to find the best mortgage rates for self-employed clients, new business owners, rental property owners, and even clients with bad credit. How do we do it? Unlike the big banks and lending institutions, we work for you. HW Advantage is a mortgage broker. Getting the best mortgage rates for self-employed clients is what we do every day. While the big guys will (maybe) offer you their best rates, we can offer you the best rates from more than 30 different lenders, including many that specialize in your situation. Also, at HW Advantage we do most of the legwork for you – we’ll get a sense of your financial situation, then we’ll shop around for the best mortgage rates for self-employed available, and bring them to you.

There’s no downside. Just the best mortgage rates that we can find on offer. At HW Advantage, we like to say: Believe it. You can have a mortgage that meets your needs.

Get started by calling us at 905-541-6961 or schedule an appointment online with us today.

Bad Credit Score? Learn How to Get a Mortgage with Bad Credit

Having a bad credit score shouldn’t be a black cloud over your head. There’s lots of reasons why your credit score could be low, and it shouldn’t stop you from accessing good mortgage rates. Lenders use credit scores as a tool to assess risk, and while many individuals with bad credit might be offered higher rates by traditional lenders – or even rejected for a mortgage. HW Advantage can teach you how to get a mortgage with bad credit. From tips to help you improve your credit score to connecting you with alternative lenders, at HW Advantage we can make answering your question of how to get a mortgage with bad credit simpler, and help get you into the home of your dreams. We don’t just offer the best mortgage rates for self-employed clients, we are experienced at helping clients with bad credit find the best rates, too! Contact us today to start your mortgage application.

Mortgages for New Business Owners

Some of our clients looking for best mortgage rates for self-employed are also new business owners. Sometimes their business grew, and they invested in expansion. Sometimes their self-employed venture IS the new business. Regardless, your investment in your venture may mean that lenders are nervous about taking a risk lending you money for your mortgage. Don’t worry – HW Advantage is here to help. Our professional mortgage advisors work to connect you with lenders who understand your situation, and are willing to help.

Being a small business owner is hard enough – you don’t need the hassle of shopping around for mortgages for new business owners. Instead, let HW Advantage help you make your dreams a reality and help you secure the best mortgage rates for self-employed people in Ontario and find mortgages for new business owners, too. We know you work hard – we’re a small business too! So we make it easy to connect with us: make an appointment online, send us an email, or call us at 905-541-6961.

Then sit back, and see how HW Advantage makes finding a mortgage simple for you.

HW Advantage – Your Partner in Finding the Best Mortgage Rates for Self-Employed

You became self-employed for a reason – to find your freedom. Don’t let getting a new mortgage or renewing your mortgage hold you back from your dreams. At HW Advantage we want to take away your mortgage worries. Just give us a try – there’s no obligation, no risk, no catch. Just access to some of the best mortgage rates for self-employed clients around. Sounds too good to be true? Believe it. Contact HW Advantage and let go of the stress of shopping around for the best mortgage rates.

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