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HW Advantage – Your Trusted Burlington Mortgage Broker

Burlington Mortgage Broker Harrison White - HW AdvantageYou CAN have a mortgage that meets your needs – just ask for some help from HW Advantage, your trusted Burlington mortgage broker. There is a lot of uncertainty in the real estate market right now. Finding the best rate for your financing shouldn’t be part of that uncertainty. At HW Advantage, we work for YOU. While the big banks and major lending institutions care about making profit, we care about getting you the best rate for your mortgage. Why? Because as a Burlington mortgage broker, our business relies on satisfied customers. When we get you the best rates, you’ll let your friends, family, and colleagues know about us. That means our business grows when we save YOU money. If that makes sense, reach out to find out what HW Advantage can do for you! Apply now, or call our offices at 905-541-6961.

Easy Online Mortgage Application – Burlington Mortgage Broker

Just a few simple steps, and we can help you with your mortgage. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, renewing your mortgage, or refinancing your property, HW Advantage can help! Set aside just 10 minutes to complete our online mortgage application and we can get started helping you with your financing needs.

Looking for a Bank Loan for a Real Estate Investment?

Although the market remains a little uncertain, many people are still looking for a bank loan for a real estate investment. Real estate has been a stable investment for a very long time, and a rental property can add to your monthly cash flow, or appreciate in value over time. Forget the bank loan for your real estate investment – contact Burlington mortgage broker HW Advantage to get the best rates for your loan. We not only understand the mortgage business, we understand the market in Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, and beyond.  Learn more about the pros and cons of different types of real estate investment in our blog What’s your strategy: Cash Flow or Appreciation? When you’re ready to get started, contact HW Advantage.

Real Estate Investments – Do They Make Sense?

Despite the volatile market, real estate investments can still make sense, as long as you ask yourself a few key questions regarding your real estate investment before looking for a bank loan for the real estate investment.  What should you consider? Where you want to buy, the state of your personal finances, and how much time you have to care for your property. To maximize your return, you’ll want to get the best mortgage rate. Rather than looking for a bank loan for your real estate investment, consider Burlington mortgage broker HW Advantage. Our experienced mortgage brokers are always ready to help you find success managing your new or growing portfolio. Schedule an appointment today.

First Time Home Buyers – Get the Best Rates for Your New Home Purchase

It’s scary getting into the market. If you are a first-time home buyer, you may not have the type of credit history required by the big banks and lenders. That’s where a Burlington mortgage broker can help. Saving up money for a down payment can be difficult, but remember, you can take advantage of the Home Buyers’ Plan and use your RRSPs to help with your down payment. Do your homework – check out the five financial steps to take before house hunting. Then contact Burlington mortgage broker HW Advantage for help.

Burlington Mortgage Broker HW Advantage – Here to Get YOU the BEST RATES & TERMS for your Mortgage

Remember, at HW Advantage, we work for YOU. Our mortgage professionals can access rates from 35 different Canadian lenders to offer you the best mortgage terms and rates to help you meet your financial goals. All that, plus personal service and unbiased advice? What are you waiting for? Find out for yourself, call us at 905-541-6961 or apply for a mortgage online.

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