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What Lies Ahead for Mortgage Rates in 2021?

With the difficult economic times in 2020, the one bright spot was the ultra-low interest rates. So far, 2021 looks to be fairly stable, with low mortgage rates persisting. Learn more about the predictions for mortgage rates in 2021 in our blog, then call us about your mortgage needs. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, renewing a mortgage or thinking about an investment property, Harrison White and the HW Advantage can help!

Getting a Mortgage Pre-approval – Know Where You Stand

Harrison White - HW Advantage - Investment Mortgage in Burlington and moreBefore you start shopping for a new home or investment property, apply for a mortgage pre-approval. The amount you’re approved can help you ensure that you stay on budget and don’t end up over-extending yourself. It also gives you an idea of the types of homes or properties and the price range you should be looking at. Mortgage pre-approval makes the offer process easier since you and the seller can feel confident that there won’t be any surprises when the deal closes. Getting a mortgage pre-approval is easy and helps speed up the formal approval process when you buy a home, as some of the paperwork is already done. Call us about getting a mortgage pre-approval and start home or investment hunting this spring!

What Does the Mortgage Stress Test Tell Us

One of the criteria that banks are required to consider when you apply for a mortgage is whether you pass the mortgage stress test. The mortgage stress test is a safety check to ensure that you are not committing to a mortgage that you may not be able to pay for should the interest rates increase in the future. Want to understand how the mortgage stress test might impact you? Read our blog, or give us a call for a no-obligation consultation.

Looking for Your First Investment Property? – Investment Mortgage in Burlington

Investment properties are one of the best investments available to Canadians, and low-interest rates are making it easier for people who are ready to invest in doing so. Maybe you’re wondering how you can afford to buy an investment property? It may be easier than you think! Call Harrison White at HW Advantage for a consultation about an investment mortgage in Burlington. You’ll get practical advice on how you can get a mortgage to buy an investment property in Burlington, Oakville and the surrounding area.

Ask the Best Mortgage Broker in Burlington for the Best Rates

Whether you are looking for a first mortgage, second mortgage, investing in a home renovation or investment property, the best mortgage broker in Burlington can help you find the best rates. Ask us about a private mortgage option if your credit or employment situation is making it difficult to find a conventional mortgage through the banks or other financial institutions. Call us at 905-541-6961, or fill out the form below to find out more and get the best mortgage rates in Burlington!

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