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Looking For A Mortgage Broker Burlington?

mortgage broker burlingtonThe City of Burlington is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario between Hamilton and Toronto. The city is a growing municipality with a population of approximately 199,592 and is located in an area known as the Golden Horseshoe, the largest economic region in the country. Thanks to the region’s bustling economy, Burlington’s housing market is one of the strongest in the province. With the economy in Burlington and the Golden Horseshoe expected to remain strong, those looking for a mortgage in Burlington can be confident that the housing market is going to remain resilient. If you are looking for a mortgage broker Burlington, HW Advantage is the place for you. Read on for more information about how to find the right mortgage, and how you can utilize a mortgage stress test in Burlington to prepare yourself for home ownership!

How does the mortgage stress test work? Find out from your Mortgage Broker Burlington

From a financial perspective, a stress test is just how it sounds. It’s a way of testing how you and your finances might be affected by a sudden bout of financial turmoil, such as a loss of employment. When it comes to a mortgage in Burlington, it’s how you, as the potential homeowner, would cope with your mortgage payments in the event that your interest rate rises or you suffer a financial emergency of similar circumstances. Simply put, the mortgage stress test forces you to come face-to-face with the very high costs of being a homeowner. So, all potential homeowners will now need to prove they can afford their potential mortgages based on their lender’s minimum “qualifying rate.”

Why use a mortgage broker in Burlington?

Simply put, finding a mortgage in Burlington is no easy task. With the average house cost in Burlington for 2018 being approximately $731,227* (zolo.com/burlington-real-estate/trends), a mortgage broker will get you the funds needed to purchase your new home. Our brokers at HW Advantage have a variety of lenders in our inner circle and we can offer the best deals and interest rates. If you go to your bank to get a mortgage you will only be given the bank’s products. When you work with a Burlington mortgage broker, you have access to multiple products. Also, when you meet with a broker at HW Advantage to discuss your potential as a borrower, we will take care of all the little details that go along with finding a mortgage, such as pulling your credit report, pre-approvals etc.

If you are looking for a mortgage in Burlington, it is a no-brainer to choose the professional mortgage brokers at HW Advantage. We can help you with the entire mortgage process, and even assist you with your mortgage stress test in Burlington! For more information about HW Advantage, please feel free to continue browsing through our website.

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