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Harrison White Mortgage Burlington Home Buyer Ontario
Finding a mortgage broker in Burlington that can help you find the best mortgage rates is easy when you choose Harrison White’s team at HW Advantage. If you have recently discovered information about the new mortgage laws or the change in home buyer laws, and you are looking for a mortgage broker in Burlington who can help you navigate through it, then the professional team at HW Advantage can assist you. Our mortgage professionals will be able to work with you and get to know you so that we can understand what your needs are for a mortgage in Burlington. We will vigilantly search through our network of over 35 Canadian lenders to find you suitable mortgage rats in Burlington. HW Advantage will then assist you with putting into place a financial plan that helps you pay off those mortgages faster. We are on your side, we are your team, and we will go to work for you. Read on for more information about finding the best mortgage rates in Burlington with the team at HW Advantage!

What are the changes in Ontario home buyer laws and renting?

A mortgage broker in Burlington like HW Advantage can help you navigate these changes in home buyer laws and new mortgage laws in Ontario:

Rental Housing:

  • Expanding rent control to all private rental units
  • Introducing legislation to standardize language in rental leases and make other changes to the Residential Tenancies Act
  • Making sure multi residential apartment buildings are charged property taxes at similar rates to other residential properties
  • Introducing a $125-million program over five years “to further encourage the construction of new rental apartment buildings”
  • Foreign Buyers and Speculation:

  • Introducing a 15-per-cent “Non-Resident Speculation Tax” in the Greater Golden Horseshoe region
  • Partnering with the Canada Revenue Agency to strengthen reporting requirements and make sure taxes are paid on real-estate purchases and sales.

  • Property Scalpers:

  • Working to understand and tackle real-estate practices that allow “paper flipping” and other speculation
  • Reviewing rules for real-estate agents to “ensure that consumers are fairly represented”
  • Vacancy Tax:

  • Introducing legislation to let Toronto “and potentially other municipalities” introduce vacancy taxes.
  • Other Changes:

  • Creating new market housing and affordable-housing units with surplus provincial land
  • Creating a “Housing Supply Team” to identify obstacles to housing developments and work with developers and municipalities to address them
  • Establishing a group to advise the government on the housing market and the effects of the newly announced changes
  • Educating consumers on their rights in real-estate transactions
  • Giving municipalities “flexibility” to use property taxes to fuel development
  • Overhauling standards for elevator repair
  • An updated Growth Plan with municipalities to address density and “an appropriate range of unit sizes”
  • If you are looking for a mortgage broker in Burlington that can help you navigate through these new mortgage laws and changes in home buyer laws, then the professionals HW Advantage can help! Harrison White and his team of professional brokers will work endlessly to find you the best mortgage rates possible and assist you with a financial plan to pay off those mortgages in a timely manner.

    For more information about a mortgage broker in Burlington like HW Advantage, please feel free to continue browsing through our website. We can be reached at 1-905-541-6961 or by filling out our contact form.

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