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Trust HW Advantage: Burlington and Oakville Mortgage Broker

Oakville Mortgage Broker - Burlington Too!When you want the best Oakville and Burlington mortgage rates, you’ll want to get in touch with a Burlington and Oakville mortgage broker like HW Advantage. WHY? Because the big lenders work for themselves, and make money by charging you the highest interest rates. Mortgage brokers work for YOU, and make money by finding new customers. And how do we find new customers? Through referrals from satisfied customers who got great rates and terms for the mortgages. It’s as easy as that. So, when you are looking for a Burlington and Oakville mortgage broker for your new mortgage, or mortgage renewal, contact HW Advantage.

Want to see what we can offer? You can find us by searching “HW Advantage,” “harrison mortgage” or “Oakville mortgage broker” – that’s how just a few of our customers find us. Of course, you can always simply visit our site at www.hwadvantage.com

HW Advantage Burlington and Oakville Mortgage Broker – We KNOW Our Communities

HW Advantage offices are located in Burlington, and our team knows the Burlington and Oakville communities inside and out. We understand pricing in each neighbourhood, know what to look for in a good investment property, and can reach out to more than 35 Canadian lenders to shop the best rates and terms for you. In this period of higher interest rates, when you’re buying a home, saving a few points doesn’t just mean a little…it means a LOT. Call HW Advantage at 905-541-6961 to get started renewing or starting your new mortgage.

Talk to HW Advantage Before Choosing an Online Lender

Today’s consumers have more choices than ever before. While our parents and grandparents may have had to go hat in hand to a major banking institution, now we can go online and shop a lot of rates in a few minutes. And it’s a great idea to check out rates offered by online lenders. But before you commit, you might want to take a deeper look, and reach out to a Burlington or Oakville mortgage broker.


  • Because in order to apply for online mortgages and find the best rates, you might have to fill out a lot of forms. And that takes a lot of time.
  • There may be hidden costs in the fine print. Who reads those terms and conditions anyway? A mortgage broker can walk you through the terms and make sure you understand what is important to you.
  • Support may be hard to find. “Your call is important to us….” Right…how many times have you heard THAT on a two-hour wait on hold? And have you really gotten good advice from a chatbot?

A good mortgage broker will talk directly to you. Or deal with you through email if that’s what you prefer. A great Burlington and Oakville mortgage broker like HW Advantage will even give you a chance to start your application online. We work for YOU, and that means giving you service that will make you smile…and recommend us to your friends.

Interest Rates are Rising…But Don’t Panic

Just search for Harrison mortgage broker to find Harrison White and the team at HW Advantage. There’s still room to buy the home of your dreams, you just need to make sure you’re ready to buy. Check out this financial to-do list before you start house hunting.  Take advantage of mortgage tools available from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation to get an idea of how much rent or mortgage you can afford or calculate your debt service.

Ready to Renew or Start a Mortgage? Contact Burlington and Oakville Mortgage Broker HW Advantage

Once you’ve used HW Advantage to find your mortgage, you’ll never go anywhere else. We set ourselves apart from other lenders and brokers by providing you with strategic support to help you pay off your mortgage faster, and save more money. It IS possible. As we like to say “You can have a mortgage that meets your needs.” Find out for yourself – contact HW Advantage today online or by calling 905-541-6961.

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