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How our team is committed to supporting our clients beyond the close of business

As in any industry you will meet the good, the bad and the indifferent; and yes, that unfortunately does include the mortgage arena. However, when you meet a mortgage broker who truly cares and understands the value of working for the client, you will never go without one again.

HW Advantage isn’t just our name, it’s our way of thinking. We look to provide advantages to our clients from their very first email or call and well beyond signing the final mortgage papers. We believe that when you close on your mortgage, that is only the start of our relationship. Unlike the big banks, it is our mission to save you the most amount of money and frustration over the lifetime of the mortgage.

The HW Advantage Promise When It Comes to Your Mortgage Close and Beyond

Getting the best mortgage for you is step one. Step two is making sure that your mortgage is working for you and your financial future. Here’s where our HW Advantage team differs:

Ongoing Management: We manage your mortgage in the same way a good financial planner manages your assets… constantly looking at new ways to save you money. Whether we recommend taking advantage of pre-payment options, accelerating your payments to pay down more principal each year, or consolidating higher interest debt, our number one goal is your financial health.

Access. We are available for a consultation or mortgage check-ups for all clients at any time.
Invest in Your Future. We track changes to the market and recommend ways to save on interest and / or use equity for investments.

Support. Life happens and we are on your team. We help clients manage mortgages and debt through challenging times, including separation, health problems, job loss, credit problems, etc… We are here for you.

Credit Improvement Strategy. Credit scores are so important in many areas of your life. We provide the advice and strategy you need to improve credit and eventually qualify for better rates, mortgages and more.

My Thoughts: If your mortgage broker or team is simply helping you get the mortgage you want and then you never hear from them again, that’s a red-flag that they don’t have your best financial health in mind. Find a broker who values your business enough to put in the work after you’ve signed.
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