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Oakville Mortgage Broker HW Advantage – Connecting You with the Property of Your Dreams

Oakville Mortgage Broker HW Advantage

Oakville Mortgage Broker HW Advantage is in the business of helping YOU. We connect our clients with their dreams – whether that’s owning a new home, a first time home, an investment property, or navigating through a new home build mortgage. We help you find a mortgage with the best rates and terms, and provide strategic support to help you pay your mortgage faster – leaving money in YOUR pockets. When you need a mortgage, make sure your first call is to HW Advantage – your Oakville mortgage broker.

Why Choose an Oakville Mortgage Broker vs. a Bank for Your Mortgage?

There are so many reasons to select an Oakville mortgage broker. Number one is CHOICE – at a big bank, you have a choice of their products. When you talk to HW Advantage, you have a choice of products from more than 35 lenders. Who is more likely to find the best terms? And that leads us to the second reason – we find the best terms for YOU. While the big bank is focused on getting deals that meet their shareholder needs, we’re focused on getting a mortgage that will meet your needs. Why? Because we are a referral-based business. We make our money by connecting you to your lender and when you connect US to new clients. That’s why at HW Advantage, customer satisfaction is our number one focus. Ready to get the best mortgage rates from an Oakville mortgage broker? Give HW Advantage a call at 905-541-6961.

Forget a Bank Loan for a Real Estate Investment – Choose an Oakville Mortgage Broker Instead!

If you are looking for a real estate investment, you are looking for an INVESTMENT. You want to make money from it. That’s why a bank loan for a real estate investment makes no sense. No matter what their marketing says, the big banks are interested in one thing – making money for THEM. Your Oakville mortgage broker HW Advantage is interested in making money for YOU. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or dipping your toes into the market, we provide strategic support to help you succeed.

We can guide you through a mortgage stress test to determine what you can afford, help you understand the ins and outs of real estate insurance, and understand what it takes to own a rental property. As the market starts to cool, if you’re thinking about a real estate investment, contact HW Advantage to get started.

New Home Build Mortgage – A Different Kind of Mortgage

Are you one of the many Canadians who have decided to build a new home on the property of your dreams? Or perhaps you’re considering scrapping that little bungalow you’ve lived in for 10 years and starting fresh. If this is you, you may be looking for a Home Builder’s Mortgage. This type of mortgage is a specialty product. With a traditional mortgage, you are putting your house up as collateral – it has value and the banks know if you can’t make your payments, they can take your home to make their profit.

With a new home build mortgage, you don’t have the home as collateral. So, lenders are taking more of a bet on you. New home build mortgages are generally paid out in stages, reducing the risk to the lender, while providing you with the funds you need to complete each project stage. If you’re ready to build the custom home with all the bells and whistles you’ve always wanted, contact Oakville mortgage broker HW Advantage to discuss your new home build mortgage options and get the best rates and terms you can find.

Oakville Mortgage Broker HW Advantage – Your Strategic Mortgage Partner

Serving Burlington and Oakville, at HW Advantage we take immense pride in our long record of satisfied customers. We meet you on your terms, and work hard to make you happy. Want to work with us? There are many ways to get started. You can begin your mortgage application online, email our offices, or give us a call at 905-541-6961. Whichever way you choose, contact Oakville mortgage broker HW Advantage today.

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