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Shopping for a Mortgage? A Broker Makes it Easier.

Harrison White - HW Advantage - shopping for a mortgageGetting a mortgage for the first time, renewing a mortgage or refinancing your mortgage all require you to shop around for the best rates before you commit. Online mortgage lenders make it reasonably easy to fill out forms online to get a quick response for mortgage pre-approval. However, filling out those forms many times can become time-consuming and tedious. For mortgage lenders that do not offer an online option, you may spend more time on the phone or filling out paperwork than you are willing to. 

However, working with a mortgage broker can make things easier and more efficient. A mortgage broker does the shopping for you, with only one application to fill out. Mortgage brokers use their network of lenders to shop for the most suitable mortgage for your needs and the lowest interest rate. 

When you meet your mortgage broker, you’ll discuss your current finances and your goals for the future. How much can you afford to pay for a home, what down payment will you need, and what are your repayment goals for the future. With that knowledge, a mortgage broker can help steer you through the many mortgage choices and options. Call us today or get started on the only mortgage application you’ll need to complete. 

Your Broker Can Help With an Investment Property Mortgage

A mortgage for your home is one area where a mortgage broker can help. Another way mortgage brokers can help is with investment property mortgages. Even with the high cost of residential properties and rising interest rates, real estate investments can still pay off. Getting an investment property mortgage may be easier than you think. Call us to discuss your real estate investment plans and find out if we can help match you up with a mortgage lender.

Get the Lowest Mortgage Rates in Burlington

Have you seen the internet ads and offers from your bank, all advertising the lowest mortgage rates in Burlington. The problem is that those offers don’t always materialize once you start your mortgage application. However, you can find the lowest interest rates in Burlington and the surrounding area by working with a mortgage broker. Brokers often have access to offers that are not available to the general public. They have relationships with mortgage lenders – ranging from banks and other regulated financial institutions to alternative lenders and private lenders. It’s one of the advantages of using a mortgage broker.

Self Employed Mortgages Are No Problem for a Mortgage Broker

Self-employed people, freelancers and gig workers sometimes have a problem meeting the requirements of traditional mortgage lenders. They may not have the financial records to satisfy the proof of income banks need. They may also have higher debt levels than most people due to investments in their business. A mortgage broker can help you navigate the process of getting a self employed mortgage by helping you understand the documentation you need to provide and finding lenders who are willing to work with alternative forms of income verification. Get in touch with us to get a mortgage if you are self employed. We are here to help!

Reverse Mortgage or Home Equity Line of Credit?

As you build equity in your home by repaying your mortgage, you may eventually need to unlock some of that money to use for other things. Many people over the age of 55 consider a reverse mortgage, while others opt for a home equity line of credit on their mortgage. Both are viable lending options, but the right fit depends on your financial situation, among other factors. Find a mortgage broker in Burlington who can explain the pros and cons of a reverse mortgage and help you apply, or find a HELOC lender. Accessing the equity in your home doesn’t have to be difficult, but you want to ensure that you choose the best option to get what you need while protecting the investment in your home. 

Get the HW Advantage and call 905-541-6961 or fill out the form below today to speak with Harrison White. Harrison is a mortgage professional who has helped countless people with their mortgage and real estate investing needs.

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